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$18/month Home Phone Service

Tired of overpaying for home phone service? You're not alone! We're now offering phone service that costs just $18/month after all taxes and fees. If you're paying more than $18 per month for home phone service, it's time to switch!

For $18 per month, you will be receiving unlimited calls to the United States and Canada, 60 minutes of international calling per month to select destinations, a free second line, a free adapter, and over 40 more features! To take a look at all of the features available, click here.

You can pay using a credit card, or even PayPal! There is a 30 Day Guarantee. If you are not happy with the service, you can return the adapter (you pay return shipping) and receive a full refund.

If you have a problem with your adapter anytime while you're a customer, troubleshooting will be done, and if it is determined your adapter is causing the issue and cannot be fixed, you will receive another adapter, free of charge.

Please Note: You might have a high speed Internet connection, such as DSL, Cable, or Fiber Optic (FiOS) in order to use this service.

After you place the order on the website, you will receive a box in the mail. This box will contain everything you need to get started. You will get an adapter which you connect to your modem or wireless router. The instructions will come in the box. After connecting the adapter, and plugging in your phone, you should get a dial tone! You'll be ready to enjoy your new and cheaper home phone service. It's really that easy! You might wonder why you didn't switch sooner!

If you're ready to sign up, click on the link or banner below: