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$12/month 250 Minute, 250 Message, 10 MB of Data Plan Information

You've probably heard a lot about unlimited plans. The prices have come down a lot recently. Even though unlimited plans offer great value, they're not for everyone. There are still a lot of basic users out there. After all, most of us still do have home phone service to use when we're home, so that means less minutes are needed on the go.

Page Plus Cellular is offering a $12 per month plan that includes 250 minutes, 250 text/picture messages, and 10 MB of data. This plan is perfect for many basic users. Page Plus Cellular runs on Verizon Wireless' network, so coverage shouldn't be an issue. Better yet, we offer discounted refills for Page Plus Cellular, so you can save even more.

We offer the following phones on Page Plus Cellular:

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