Family Plan

The following offering is NOT currently available and this is a test page for a possible promotion that is NOT available at this time. Please disregard the following:

Attention Families: Receive a $100 Check for signing up for Sprint! Look below for details:

If you sign up 5 (five) lines for Sprint with a family plan, signing a two year contract, and keep the service for a least 120 days, you will receive a check for $100! You are required to do the following:

1) Sign Up for a Sprint Two Year Contract with a Basic Phone or Smartphone (Excluding the iPhone), by clicking on the Sprint logo below and purchasing a phone after the Sprint page appears from clicking on the Sprint logo below:

2) Remain a Customer for at least 120 Days

3) Email Us a screenshot of the confirmation page with everything intact within 24 hours of signing up

4) Provide Additional Information Upon Request

*If we cannot verify that you have signed up, you will not be eligible for the $100 check. We will attempt to verify your purchase within 48 hours of receipt of your confirmation screenshot. If we cannot verify that you have signed up, we will reach out to our contact at Sprint, and if they cannot verify you signed up through our website, we will contact you and you can cancel your service if you would like, as long as you have followed Sprint's policies.*