Straight Talk SIM Service

Straight Talk is now allowing their service to be used on AT&T, T-Mobile, and unlocked GSM phones! This is for the same great rate of just $45/month, with unlimited minutes, text/picture messaging, and web/email!

(This plan can be used with Android and iPhones, but cannot be used with Blackberry devices. It must be an AT&T, T-Mobile, or unlocked GSM phone.)

Plan Details:

$45/month Plan:

The $45/month plan includes unlimited minutes, unlimited text/picture messages, unlimited data, and unlimited calls to 411. This plan is compatible with Android and iPhones.

This plan is great for those who want unlimited talk, text, and data. It's a great deal for just $45 per month.

Note: If you want to use an AT&T phone, it must be unlocked, and use T-Mobile's frequencies since it will be using T-Mobile's network. You might be limited to 2G speeds.

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