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Straight Talk is unique because of the various networks it uses.

Looking for an Android device?

The LG Optimus Black, LG Optimus Q, and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent run on Sprint's network.

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim runs on Verizon Wireless' network. 

*If you're using the "Bring Your Own Phone" SIM card the network goes with the SIM you purchased. For example, if you purchased an AT&T SIM card, it will be using AT&T's network.*

If you are purchasing a Straight Talk phone, coverage can vary depending on the phone.

The following is a good summary from Howard Forums:

Coverage: Can use AT&T (with roaming partners), T-mobile (with roaming partners), Verizon (with roaming partners), or Sprint (no roaming), depending upon ZIP code entered before you shop for a phone and the specific model phone that you select.

At present, all Android smartphones operate on the Sprint network (with no roaming partners). Straight Talk will be releasing an LG Optimus 2X which should operate on T-Mobile’s network soon. All Nokia Symbian Smartphones (Nokia E71, Nokia 6790, and Nokia E5) operate on the AT&T network. All phones whose model number ends in "C" will operate on the Verizon CDMA network. Phones whose model number ends in "G" will operate on either AT&T (GSM4) or T-Mobile (GSM5), depending upon Zip Code entered before the phone is purchased.

To find out which phones are available in your area, shop for a phone on their web-site. After entering your ZIP code, look in the URL (http:/) address in your browser. Look for the letters after "market=". 

If "GSM4" appears in URL, your list of phones will include GSM phones (model #s ending in G and Nokia Symbian Smartphones) that will operate on AT&T's network. If "GSM5" appears, your list will include GSM phones (model #s ending in G) that will operate on T-Mobile's network. If "CO" appears, your list will include CDMA phones (model #s ending in C) that will operate on Verizon's CDMA network. If you see "SPR", your list will include Android smartphones that operate on the Sprint network. If you see "AT", your list will include Nokia Symbian phones that operate on the AT&T network. 

You may also see a combination of these letters. For example, GSM5ATSPRCO would mean a combination of T-Mobile (Model #s ending in G), Verizon (model #s ending in C), AT&T (Nokia Symbian Smartphones), and Sprint (Android) phones. COGSM4 means that you'll see Verizon CDMA phones (model #s ending in C) and AT&T GSM phones (model #s ending in G AND Nokia Symbian Smartphones).

You can force a particular type of phone by clicking shop, phones, and then entering one of these ZIP Codes. 

AT&T- 95521 or 95221
T-mobile- 90024
Verizon- 97720 or 59802

Technology: GSM and CDMA, depending upon zip code and phone selection. See explanation, above. 
Default PINs: 
For AT&T based phones PIN1 = 1111 PIN2 = 2222
For T-Mobile based phones PIN1 = 1234 PIN2 = 5678

Link to Map:

Note: Map currently shown shows a combination of AT&T and T-Mobile coverage for non-android devices. The map will not be accurate for Verizon Phones. CDMA Verizon devices will have different (usually more) coverage. Android device map shows Sprint with no roaming partners.

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